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ListServ Etiquette

ListServ Policies for Posting:

Be Respectful:

When responding to comments about ideas and issues, please focus on issues not on the person. Remain civil and neighborly, which means expressing disagreement with the person’s position or actions rather than attacking their character or calling them names. Ad hominem remarks and the use of profanity is strictly prohibited.

Please be mindful of how often you are posting, and allow others a chance to comment.

Send private messages or post to a Group when a limited audience is more appropriate. If personal dispute between members arises, please settle this by messaging privately or offline. Neighbors should message ListServ chair if some rule has been broken rather than posting to the ListServ.

Messages that are discriminatory or contain racial profiling are expressly prohibited. Nothing of a discriminatory nature will be tolerated.

Spamming and overposting is not allowed. If you see that a majority of the posts and comments are yours, you’re likely over-posting. Meanwhile, if you believe that someone else is over posting, post a general message to the newsfeed without naming anyone specifically and remind members of this guideline. Additionally, keep in mind that “bumping” a message multiple times to bring it back up to the top of the newsfeed is considered a form of spamming or over posting.

Every member must use a real name and verifiable email address. We should be able to look your name and email address up and find you in our database. If we cannot do that, your post will be deleted, and you may be denied access to the ListServ in the future.

Do share helpful information. Answering others’ questions and sharing information about issues such as safety, schools, or traffic or about events of interest in the community – bake sales, book clubs, etc. – are welcomed. Please feel free to discuss community issues but avoid campaigning. Do spread the word about local events – music, art, theatre, outdoors, sports – because we all benefit by supporting our local community. And, of course, please always feel free to ask for and provide support to fellow members in need. If another ListServ member asks for assistance, the ListServ is happy to have you post your contact information or contact the member privately.

Business Postings:

The ListServ is a neighbor-to-neighbor exchange of ideas, issues, interests, concerns, help, and community services. It is not a business forum for advertisements. The LCA has created LuxLine, our e-magazine, as a space where residents can advertise their businesses. Posting an unsolicited recommendation to any business, selling goods/group ticket sales/items for profit, or spamming the ListServ with multiple, unsolicited messages about one’s own business will not be allowed. It is never appropriate to post an unsolicited recommendation of your own business to the ListServ.

The ListServ is not a marketing channel for your business or organization. While it is acceptable to respond and let people know about your service when they request a recommendation, no unsolicited promotions will be allowed. If you post an unsolicited message or recommendation, the post will be rejected, and if it accidentally gets posted, it will be deleted.

You may, however, respond to a request for a recommendation from a nearby neighbor, and you may recommend any business you know as long as you identify your relationship to this business. You may also sell, share, or give away personal items or personal tickets (if sold, it must be face value or less) that you no longer want, need, or can use. Please be mindful of how often you are posting personal items for sale. It is at the discretion of the ListServ moderators to decide when you are overposting.

For example, you may post Girl Scout cookie sales, charity bake sales or art auctions, individual or group garage sales, or giveaways as long as they are not in conjunction with a for-profit business. If you have a question about what is or is not appropriate, please contact the ListServ Chair for clarification.